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Choreography containing movements based on Jazz Technique. Often performed to music with an upbeat tempo.


Choreography containing interpretive movements using balance and control. 


Choreography must contain ballet technique and steps, but lyrical music can also be utilised (neo classical).


Choreography containing acrobatic or gymnastic technique and movements. 

Character/ Demi Character

Character must involve or resemble a character dance or follows a storyline that uses classical technique as a basis for interpretation. Demi Character dance must involve ballet technique and demonstrate a story line through interpretive movements and acting. Portrays a character of some kind both can be performed en pointe. 


Choreography consisting of tap technique. This section is for of all styles of tap including fast, slow, melody etc


Choreography containing expressive movements, derived from ballet technique, through interpretation of chosen song. Must demonstrate balance, flexibility and control.

Hip Hop

Choreography containing movements the foundations of hip hop, street dance or jazz funk. 

Broadway/Musical Theatre

Contains jazz technique with cabaret style movements to a broadway or musical based song. Can include inspiration of movement from fosse styled dance.


A section for advanced dancers who will enter a solo of any genre to compete for the championship title. For this section a dancer is able to enter either a solo that has already been performed in another section of the competition or a solo that has not been competed in another section of the competition. This section will only have a Winner and a Runner Up. 

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